Home Automation 101


What Are the Latest Smart Home Devices?

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Home automation technology is growing by leaps and bounds due to continuous innovation and research by the manufactures of these technologies as well startup innovators. There is a wide range of smart home devices available [...]


What Is an Intelligent Home?

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Smart home or home automation refers to a home with several interlinking devices that enable the residents to make easy and efficient household decisions. This allows the residents to monitor and control the home in [...]


What is a Lamp Control System?

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What is this? A lamp control system is a lighting control solution that is based on network. The users can connect their lamps or lights with some smart devices, like smartphones, tablets or laptops; and [...]


What is a Lighting System?

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A lighting system is new technology that allows the users to connect all the lights in a home or commercial structure to a single network through a specific application, and to control them all by [...]


What is HVAC?

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HVAC is an indoor technology that is installed in homes, offices, workstations and vehicles to control and manage the ventilation process and air conditioning of the home. It is recommended to be used at workstations [...]


What is a Smart Home?

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A smart home is a building made from scratch that is wired with a special kind of wiring which allows its residents to use all the basic functions of their home from any remote location [...]


What is Home Automation?

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Wondering what is this new technology we are talking about? It’s just a technical term for smart homes. The future of our homes will involve various automated features, like controlling the heat, air conditioning, lighting [...]


What Can a Control System Do?

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What is a Control System? A control system is a well-executed system that is installed to command, manage and regulate different connected devices. The basic role or job of a control system is to manipulate [...]


What is CCTV?

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CCTV A CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television is a type of camera used for monitoring a specific place with videos. A limited number of CCTV monitors are set up to inspect a certain area covering every [...]