Having sliding doors are there to save space but with home, automation companies offer effective solutions to open and close sliding doors

How it operates

There is an ever increasing demand for automated systems to be developed that will effectively unlock, open and close a sliding door whether it be at your home, office or catering facility. With HDHTech you will get a system that works with microcomputer chips which will communicate with the device when to open and close the sliding door.

It has a built in alarm system that will notify you immediately as soon as there is an intruder and if it is at the office you can use the video system to catch the perpetrator. The system has a partial open function for the better control of the temperature environment.


What you need to know to order

You need to supply the dimensions and weight so that the right controller can be installed to operate hassle free. The opening and closing speeds can be adjusted so that it slides at the speeds that you are comfortable with.

The units that HDHTech supply are of high quality, easy to operate but if you are not technically minded it would be better to get their technicians to come and install it. The unit is fast but that is adjustable and great for the home or office environment because it operates with hardly any noise.

Finding an automated door Opener you need to discuss closely with the supplier that you have in mind and take into account the important parameters such a single or double pane, dimensions and weight but if you are still unsure call HDHTech to come and measure to give an accurate quote for your specific needs.