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What Does Savant Home Automation Systems Offer?

Savant Home Automation Systems, offers an application to make your day to day life clutter-and noise-free, comes with several features; thus helping you concentrate on the important issues. Although it’s impossible to mention all of its features and specifications, here are a few that are recognized as the most beneficial making you want to install [...]

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Where Can I Find a Lutron Authorized Installer in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut?

Finding an Lutron Authorized installer that has the experience, foresight, appititude for design and the knowledge to provide seamless integration of Lutron products throughout and residential or commercial space is not easy to achieve. Look no further than HDH Tech. The company is an authorized Lutron dealer and has over 30 years of Home and [...]

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Can I Control My Bathtubs, Sinks, Showers, Etc. Using Smart Home Control Systems?

The answer is yes! You can control your bathtub, sink, shower, bowl and much more with the help of today’s Smart Home technologies. Home automation systems are made to help you with controlling every aspect of your home remotely, including your bathroom. Research has proven that a person spends an average of 4 hours every [...]

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Can Smart Home Devices allow me to remotely control appliances?

Appliances are found in every home today. Some help make our lives easier while others are there for just entertainment purposes. An individual’s morning typically starts with using a hot shower, making breakfast with help of a toaster and a coffee maker among other appliances. The interaction between these devices continues on multiple occasions throughout [...]

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How Can I Compare Home Control Systems?    

How Can I Compare Home Control Systems?     Home control systems regulate and monitor the home automation devices connected, like the smart thermostat, home security, refrigerator, audio and visual system, etc. Due to the vast nature of difference in the design of houses and infrastructures, and also the varying hardware associated with the system, choosing the [...]

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What Smart Home Control System device manufacturers are there?

There are multiple manufacturers of smart home control systems and some of the top ones are mentioned below: Vantage Vantage is a brand of Legrand. Vantage has been developing lighting automation solutions over the last three decades. Vantage specializes in lighting automation, climate control, motion shade automation & controlling, as well as user interfaces. Lutron [...]

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Where Can I Find a Home Automation System Installation Company in New York?

With more and more customers getting their homes upgraded into smart ones, there are plenty of companies in New York offering both the equipment and installation services to their consumers. Choosing the right company comes down to a few points. Experience and Belief of the Company Some installation companies just install the equipment while others [...]

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