How to Automated Door Locks and Provide Access Remotely?

With the innovations in home security, various new devices have become available to improve residential security. Smart locks are one of the most basic upgrades for securing a home. These help automate the door locks. Besides ensuring that only certain individuals can enter the home, smart locks also notify the owner whenever they are accessed. They might even lock themselves in case you forget to lock them. Automated door locks generally run on batteries.


Smart locks mount over deadbolts of a door. Some types of smart locks replace the entire existing lock while other types only replace the inside of a lock. Some of these may be easily self-fitted while others may require a professional to install them.


There are plenty of options to access or unlock these locks

  • Mobile Devices: Considering the popularity of the mobile devices, a large amount of smart locks may be accessed using an application on a smartphone. They may even unlock upon sensing when an individual comes in range of the smart lock.
  • Biometrics: Several types of smart locks make use of either a fingerprint sensor or an iris sensor to be accessed. These are a bit expensive, especially those with iris sensor.
  • Remotes or Key Fobs: Some smart locks may employ dedicated keys or remote to be unlocked just like those in automobiles.
  • Keypad: Some smart locks may even require a key to be entered via a keypad for granting access.

Providing Access Remotely

Several of these smart locks connect with popular smart home security systems as well as home automation systems. These locks can be accessed remotely via the application of these systems though this will require internet access. This allows the owner to unlock the door for a friend or relative if the user is away from home.

These smart locks are the first step towards having a smart home security system. These may be paired with home security monitoring systems to setup a comprehensive security and monitoring for the home.