The professionals at HDH are experts in their field, giving clients the most reliable information, unmatched integrity, and a quality of work that will exceed even the highest expectations.

Hy Haddad was one of the most sought after disc jockeys in the metro New York area during the 1980s, providing music for events, weddings and lavish parties with guest lists that included US Presidents and corporate CEOs

After years of providing music in some of the most elegant hotels and party spaces, something became very apparent to Hy – everyone seemed to have expensive, high-end audio/video systems, but no one knew how to use them. As a result, those expensive installations were just a waste of money.

Following experiences like those, Hy decided that it was time for someone to not only offer clients high-end audio/video installations, but the ability to use them. That’s how HDH Intelligent Technologies, his company, was born.

Hy first made a name for himself in the audio field and then quickly moved into video, telephone, security and home automation. Today, HDH serves clients throughout the New York Tri-state region, and in Florida. HDH clients include both home and business owners who have come to rely upon the long-standing, warm relationships that the company creates with all of its clients.



Isaia recently established its first flagship locations in the United States: Madison Avenue in New York City, and Beverly Hills in Southern California. Our retail stores in Europe and Asia have long been recognized as penultimate destinations for supplying the discerning man’s lifestyle, in no small part because of the extreme attention paid to how our retail environments communicate our brand — from lighting, to displays, to the audiovisual experience.

On a trusted recommendation we partnered with HDH to design and build out our US stores’ audiovisual, security, and lighting — all of our essential networked and automated systems. Our expectations were surpassed in ways we hadn’t even considered. From the start of the project to the end, HDH provided clear guidance, detailed documentation, instruction, and an installation that was executed with flawless fit and finish.

It’s one thing to install leading-edge technology and walk away, it’s something else altogether to deliver it in such manageable way that it is transparent to the day-to-day operations of a dynamic, luxury retail environment. Our staff can easily control the entire customer experience with a single tap on a touchscreen. We could not be happier with the work HDH did and how easy it is to use and maintain.

Isaia Reference Letter 2.jpg

-President ISAIA

I used HDH in my home for everything across the board….lighting, security, music and entertainment and I could not be happier.
The installation was top notch and the service was second to none.
The owner of the company is extremely knowledgeable about the products he is offering and definitely the best in the business in my opinion.

-Brooklyn New York

Working with HDH was incredible. In this day and age, getting good service is tough to find. Receiving excellent service is almost not existent. HDH changed my perception that excellent service in our times has disappeared. I was having an issue following a move of getting a new TV integrated with my existing equipment that included a Marantz receiver. I called HDH after several other so called experts couldn’t get it done. I heard back from HDH within 30 minutes and met them in my apartment that very same day. I know HDH does much bigger jobs than what I was offering, but they were able to resolve my issue the very same day, and make some very worthwhile cost effective suggestions that I agreed made sense. He was then able to follow up the very next day with a universal remote and got me set up with that in no time. Like I said, this job was not a big money maker, but HDH still provided tremendous service. As a result, when I do end up in a more permanent home and am ready to build a new AV system with smart home features my first call will be to HDH!

Dear Mr. Haddad,

I’d like to thank you for the amazing work you and your company did in converting my unused basement into a brand new magnificent home theater. When I called for a consultation, I was very skeptical about what I could put in since my basement was finished and I really did not want to make a mess and break walls, etc. I figured all I could get was a flat screen to replace my 10-year-old TV. You clearly explained to me my options with detailed estimates. Within in 10 days I had installed a 120′ projector screen TV, with surround sound. All the speakers were cleanly installed in the walls, even a new outlet was run in my ceiling near the projector, no wires hanging all over the room. And to top it off the screen automatically rolls up when the TV is turned off, so the room can still be safely used by my little ones without worry of damaging the new screen. Lastly I’d like to thank your professional staff for their neat work. It truly was a plug and play solution. They delivered everything in working order, thought of every detail, including hooking up my Wii and adding a switch that shuts my lights when the projector turns on.

Thanks, Steven Sasson
Brooklyn, NY

Following extensive and exhaustive research my wife and I decided to use HDH Intelligent Technologies for a comprehensive audio-visual system in our new home.

HDH and its principal, Hy Haddad, came highly recommended and they certainly did not disappoint. The company was highly responsive, knowledgeable and professional throughout all stages – from the detailed initial consultation, through design, installation and configuration. My wife and I could not be more pleased with our state-of-the-art audio visual system. HDH exceeded all of our lofty expectations. We’ve already referred HDH to two other families and would gladly continue to do so without any hesitation or reservation.”

-Albert Saad
Rumson N.J.

Like many people of a certain age and disposition, I watch a fair amount of TV: a smattering of network programs, a lot of sports, a lot of DVDs of classic and current films. And like people of similar age and disposition, I have been keen to explore the reputed glories of HD/digital television. But I was scared. I consulted friends and relatives but my basic yearning had not been fulfilled, which was for a total “turnkey” job that would involve dealing with one vendor/installer. If something went wrong, I didn’t want to find myself swinging like a confused chimpanzee from the branches of a phone tree. I wanted one number to call.

I searched for firms within 10 miles of where I live in DUMBO. From the listings that came up, I recognized several. A couple – I had dealt with, and the experience had been OK, but not more than that: often impersonal, occasionally condescending, always expensive. Then I got to know Hy Haddad of HDH Intelligent Technologies Corporation.

Hy proved to be smart and personable. That afternoon, he came over, sized up my “facility” and made certain recommendations. And Hy’s prices were fully competitive with 86th Street. As I write, it is roughly a week since I called Hy Haddad. Last night, his two-man crew, both intelligent and well spoken, appeared with the works. When they left, everything was working perfectly. Including a universal remote that required five minutes to master. I may never leave my loft; I have never been happier. Use me as a reference. A truly outstanding experience.

HDH is hands-down the best A/V contractor I’ve worked with in terms of both innovative system design and creatively dealing with the usual problems that arise when multiple contractors are involved in a project — and they were reasonably priced to boot.

“HDH not only submitted the lowest bid of the three firms we asked, but they also had the only design where content (cable boxes, presentation computers, and the like) was centrally located in our server room, instead of being located in credenzas in each of the actual rooms.

This not only stops end-user programming mistakes, but reduces the overall cost significantly and future-proofs the design by making it simple to add/change components going forward.

Hy Haddad’s attention to aesthetics was an added bonus. His experience with high-end residential clients was invaluable in meeting the demands of our detail-oriented managing partner. Hy takes a lot of well-earned pride in the work that his company does and has been very responsive as we grow into our new system.”


HDH Tech