Savant Home Automation Systems, offers an application to make your day to day life clutter-and noise-free, comes with several features; thus helping you concentrate on the important issues. Although it’s impossible to mention all of its features and specifications, here are a few that are recognized as the most beneficial making you want to install the app immediately:

  1. Rise ‘n’ Shine in a gentle manner: Not only you, Savant wakes up your entire home very softly and gently with a gradual rising of the curtains throughout the home while playing your favorite music in the background. By the time you reach your kitchen, the coffee will already be brewing in the coffee maker and your TV will be set at the channel of your choice.
  2. Secures your Home at the touch of a button: Looking to leave your place quickly? With one tap on your control device, you ca turn off all the electrical appliances, amd automatically activate the security system once no one is home.
  3. Listens and Remembers: This app will store your favorite songs. Let’s you can create playlists available at a touch of the screen. It is a self-learning app intended to provide you with recommendations based on your history.
  4. The Remote: The Savant remote allows you to consolidate all of your remotes into one. Switching between various electronics and appliance is performed easily.