The answer is yes! You can control your bathtub, sink, shower, bowl and much more with the help of today’s Smart Home technologies. Home automation systems are made to help you with controlling every aspect of your home remotely, including your bathroom. Research has proven that a person spends an average of 4 hours every day for their personal hygiene and grooming. In case you are one of those bathroom lovers who can spend hours taking a hot water bath or spend ages grooming themselves locked in their bathroom, your time spent in the bathroom must be way above that.

To make your bathroom experience a relaxing and hygienic one, there are several automatic appliances and controls made especially to automate your daily rituals.

  • Bathtub experience

The soul of your bathroom is the bathtub where you spend most of your time there. Wouldn’t having a lot of multimedia content within your approach while soaking and relaxing in the warm water bath? Sounds nice, right? There are several gadgets, like tablets available which are water-resistant and allow you to browse through various options before settling on a favorite movie and a glass of champagne in your hand.

  • Talking Sink mirror and Hands-free toilet

The most popular innovation, the sensory mirrors are simply one of a kind. With features ranging from lighting the mirrors when you approach to allowing you to get live news updates while brushing your teeth, it has it all.

For those clean freaks who can’t bear a speck of dust, they can forget about those germs on the toilet seat. There are also hands-free toilets which flush themselves automatically when you stand up and close the seat after you are done with your business there.