As far as a house or a commercial building is concerned, one of the most important things is security. These days the number of break ins and other criminal activities are plenty and hence it is always better to prevent such an undesirable thing rather than dealing with it after it occurs. So it is essential that you install a security system in the building. This is an era or automation and hence while installing a security system, make sure that it can secure the house or the building all by itself. Doing a bit of research wouldn’t hurt and sites like would be ideal places to visit in order to know more about these systems. Some of the key components of an automated security system are:

CCTV cameras:

These are the most important part of a security system. The main advantage is that these cameras can record what they see and hence the officials would be able to retrieve the footage afterwards. Also there would be facility to record even at night. Remote access to the footage would also be possible to those who have the clearance.

Sensors and the central controlling unit:

There would sensors in the different parts of the house and these would be activated at night and when they are disturbed the system would alert the residents. Also when windows are broken the system would issue an alerting message. In houses where there is an automatic lighting system, the security system would be able to switch the lights ON when an intruder enters and this would alert the criminal. Also an alert message would be sent to your phone and hence you would be able to know about the incident even if you are not at home.