Home automation systems are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. The major reason for this increase in popularity is that if there is a home automation system installed in a house, the residents would be able to carry out a lot of household jobs far more easily. Earlier the price of these systems were high but with the developments in technology, the prices have also come down. Once installed the usage of these systems is a very easy process. A person without any knowledge about gadgets would also be able to operate these. There are sites like hdhtech.com that would help you to know more about such systems. Apart from reducing the workload there are other advantages as well.

Reducing the electricity bill:

Since these systems would only switch the different equipment On when they are actually required, it is certain that there would be a reduction in the energy consumption. This would mean that a lot of money can be saved. Also the life of the equipment would be enhanced. In the case of LEDs the bulbs can be made to glow at different brightness according to the need.


This is the field where home automation systems are most frequently used. A group of CCTV cameras along with a central storage unit would be able to record and store everything that takes place in the compound. You can also review the footage later.

The lighting system can work with the security system. When an intruder enters the security system would alert the lighting system and all the lights on the exterior of the house would be switched ON and this would alert the neighbours.