It would be cool to have a house where everything is automated. Such a house is not an impossible thing to exist. In fact there are numerous home automation systems available in the market these days. All these systems would indeed make your life easier. Also there are added advantages like reduction in the energy bills, added life of the equipment etc. The process of using these systems is also very simple. In fact some are voice controlled. You just need to say the command and the systems would respond accordingly. Some of the trends in this field are:

Automatic lighting control:

All the lights would be LED bulbs and hence the brightness of these lights can be controlled. So the house owner would be able to change the brightness according to the mood of the situation. This also means that wastage of energy is avoided. Also there would be sensors that would sense the presence of a person in a room and then the lights would switch On. If a security system is in place, then when an intruder enters , all the lights would turn On in order to alert the neighbours.

Climate controls:

This system connects the air conditioners and the fans on to the internet and hence you would be able to control them even when you are out from your smart phone or tablet. So by the time you reach home, the temperature would be ideal. Also there is no risk of forgetting to switch an AC off. You can always check no matter where you are.