Home automation is a field that has been developing in leaps and bounds in the past few years. A mixture of various technologies has made these home automation systems very efficient. In fact it is safe to say that these systems reduce the hardships of our day to day activities by a large margin. Also they are capable of saving a lot of money in terms of electricity, appliance durability etc. So it is certainly not a waste of money to purchase such systems. Some of the most popular home automation systems are lighting control systems, security system, temperature control system etc.

Lighting control is perhaps the most popular home automation system

Different Forms of this type of system has been around for a long time. The problem was that the earlier forms were not efficient and that they were quite costly. But nowadays lighting control systems are quite reasonable on the pocket. The residents would be able to control the lights from a central control screen or even from their smart phones. Also the brightness can be altered by the resident since the bulbs used would be LED bulbs.

Security systems

A combination of sensors, CCTV cameras and a central processing and storage unit makes up this system. Whenever an intruder enters the house without permission, the residents would be notified. If you are not at home, even then you would be notified via your phone. also all the lights around the house would be switched ON so that the neighbours would be alerted. Also everything would be recorded and the police would be able to get hold of the intruder quite easily.