Today, the telecommunication industry is offering a wide array of services. Amongst those services, teleconferencing is the most sought-after service by businesses and organizations. The technological advancement, especially the internet revolution has advanced conference calling.

This means teleconferencing services accessed with the help of companies like HDH Tech are not limited to just communicating with a group of people over the speakerphone. The different types of teleconferencing services entailing in today’s world are:

Video Teleconferencing

This involves hosting a meeting in a way that everyone involved feels that they are present in the same room. Large sized screens are put into service and cameras are kept at the eye level, the set-up exhibits as if everyone is in the same room.

Audio Teleconferencing

This is an old school method to communicate with a group of people. However, most people and organizations have shifted to the newer formats but some are still using this.

Integrated Video Teleconferencing

This involves a group video teleconferencing having a centralized position for the equipment. Both codec and hardware are included in it. All the components such as displays, camera, and other peripherals are placed in the primary conference location.

Desktop Video Teleconferencing

This form of video teleconferencing is very common among usual office workers and people on-the-go. The person using the desktop method of video teleconferencing can do it with the help of a hardware codec or through a software on the desktop.

Service-Based Video Teleconferencing

In this form of teleconferencing, the provider is usually a telecom carrier and it has maximum control in case of network set-up. The people involved in video teleconferencing have to do less work, they have to only pay for the service and the provider manages all.


It is much similar to the room-based video teleconferencing framework which involves a camera, an outside display, and a microphone.

These are the five teleconferencing services practised by most of the people, businesses, and organizations in today’s world.