A home automation system is a technology designed for controlling the heating system, cooling system, ventilation, lights, sauna, swimming pools and almost all the household appliances. This could not have been made possible if the smart home automation technology was not so much advanced. Since everything at your home can be controlled by your PC or smartphone, imagine what could happen if  there was no internet or smartphone. In fact, we could not even think about the presence of home automation systems even in this 21st century. The advancement of technology has played a vital role in introducing more and more features of smart home systems. All the things in a smart home are generally connected together through Wi-Fi and we already know that Wi-Fi  itself is a revolutionary technology which has contributed a lot in the development of many other products.

Major technologies involved in the development of home automation systems

  1. Smartphones are one of the major technologies responsible for the development of home automation systems. The owner of a smart home can now control all the systems of their house through their smartphone.
  2. Wi-Fi is another technology that has played a major role in the advancement of the home automation system.
  3. The internet is also responsible for the betterment of the home automation system.

Revolution in the home automation system

In the early 1900s when the home automation system was first introduced, there were appliances like washers, dryers, air conditioners, etc., which had to be operated manually. Along with the development of technologies, those appliances later became automatic and so they no longer need to be operated manually. But in the present scenario, due to the development of the internet, computer systems and smartphones, home automation systems have now become the part of our lives.