In today’s modern world, crime, safety, and security have become everyone’s major concern both at home and in the office. Having a security system install in the office or at home will make the intended individuals feel safe and at ease. This is because crime such as theft and burglary are less likely to target these premises. Today, security systems have become more advanced and sophisticated than ever, they have the ability to send messages directly to the controllers’ smart for alerting them of any disturbing or unusual occurrences at these premises. In addition, most security service providers not only offer protection against crimes but also against fire or medical emergencies – these are the multipurpose providers. But what are your options as a homeowner or an office manager in relation to security systems?

Monitored security systems

This is security systems that are linked to their provider companies and these companies provide responses when an intrusion occurs. In a case where the alarm goes off, the security company will call you to get information on whether or not there is an intrusion and if it is a yes, they intern call the police to come to your rescue. The downside is that these systems will require the office managers and homeowners to pay a monthly fee.

Non-monitored systems

These security systems are not linked to any control and monitoring station. They mostly have got siren or flashlight that goes off in case of an intrusion. In some cases, they might send a direct alert to the authorities when an intrusion occurs. These systems are usually cheaper and require no monthly fees, however, false alarms to the authorities may lead to a fine according to the regulations in your locality.

Wired security systems

These systems are usually connected using wires that consume low power. These wires are keenly selected to ensure routing is done all over the house or office. Motion detectors and cameras are installed in a strategic location in and out of the home or office. Each component of the system can be connected to a monitoring unit, internet or to a phone dialer

Wireless security systems

These systems use tiny radio transmitters which pass signals to a monitor and control center whenever they get triggered. Their installations are very easy and fast as compared to wired security systems. These systems may come with their own rechargeable batteries hence can function even during power outages.  They are also easier to hide hence cannot be easily seen by the criminals.