What is a Vanishing TV Mirror?

Vanishing TV Mirrors are the next thing when it comes to TV design in the 21st century and the tech is simply amazing. In simple terms, a Vanishing TV mirror is a TV that can serve as a mirror, and you can say it the other way round as a mirror that can serve as a TV. This TV are of the latest technology and they enjoy a 4K UHD display, making them have a brightness and sharpness that is four times the normal HD TVs.

These TV mirrors are designed specially to give you the technology you want without having to sacrifice the quality and arrangement of your interior decor. They are optimized for TV performance when turned on, and as a super-clean mirrors when turned off.

There is nothing more than a simple theory of physics behind the functionality of this TV mirrors. They are equipped with a special semi-transparent mirror type used for Mirror TV production, this semi-transparent mirror reflects a part of the natural light incident on it, giving it a mirror effect (When turned off), but when the screen is turned on, it transmits the light from the screen behind the mirror surface to let the image be seen.

There is always one intent behind every technological equipment or gadget that is released on a commercial scale, and that’s to a final end of improving the quality of life. So, you will ask yourself a question, “how does Vanishing mirror improve my life quality”

Improved Interior Aesthetics.

Imagine having your mirror as your TV, such that it is customized to blend with the interior design of your living space or work space. Mirror TVs are designed sometimes with frames to fit into the prior design of the room. The Mirror TV is a plus to effectively design and tone your interior décor to your specific taste and preference.

More Space for More Tech

It might sound like a cliché, but the advent of this Mirror TV in your home will help create more space that you could fit in more necessities of life. It would feel like, you having your TV and Mirror on the same spot, being so slim and occupying less space, leaving more space to incorporate other techie stuffs in your space.

Choosing and installing the right Mirror TV might be difficult if you are not trained, and that is why it is advisable to consult interior tech décor companies like HDH Tech to install your Mirror TV, and even program it to be more flexible for your use.