What is CCTV?

CCTV is an acronym for Closed-Circuit television, and this is a process of video surveillance using video cameras to transmit live events via signals to a specified set of limited monitors.

The use of security cameras, CCTV in the community we find ourselves now, is on a slow but steady increase, and the reason is not far-fetched – the safety of lives and properties. Prior to the advent of surveillance cameras, law enforcement agencies found it real difficult to maintain a perfect order and security of lives and properties, but the tide changed with the help of technology, and a whole city could now be monitored from a single room.


CCTV and Crime:

Due to the up-shoot in the rates of crime and robbery, CCTV cams are being used on a vast scale in major public structures and even private businesses. Ranging from banks to supermarket, and even on automated teller machines.

CCTV cams are optimized nowadays to monitor a wide perimeter, producing a high definition imaging of mobile objects and persons within its capture, all in a bid to minimize the crime rate in the society. In 1993, a two years old James Bulger was led away by his killer in a shopping mall, and during investigation, he was caught on camera being led away. But, with a wide spread of these cameras, the consciousness of criminals being monitored had made crimes hard-earned, with research conducted in 2009 inferencing a crime reduction of about 16%. According to this research, crime rates in car parks reduced by 51%.


Public safety is paramount, and in buildings with a large pool of persons, monitors of security cams are at a tendency to identify strange behaviors from persons and the respective security personnel alerted.

How do I get them installed?

There are different types of CCTV cams, and knowing the particular one fit for a specific location would nothing short of the job of a professional. Tech companies, one of which is HDH Tech, are in the best position to help users decide which CCTV cam is good for a particular location, as these cams are adapted for various specifications and uses. Below is a drop down of various CCTV types:

  • Wireless CCTV camera
  • High-Definition CCTV camera
  • C-mount CCTV camera
  • Dome CCTV camera
  • IP CCTV camera
  • Bullet CCTV camera
  • Day/Night CCTV camera
  • Infrared/Night vision CCTV camera


These cameras don’t totally eliminate crimes, but its presence has led to a better securely monitored environment, where criminal identification has become easy.