IP CCTV: The next big thing

The use of IP CCTV cams is spreading like wild fire, and it’s just a norm for an easy to install cam to catch user’s fancy, no need for the tapering of long wires to the wall, making the whole wall space look neat, while still securing the environment. There are various grade models of the IP security cameras, ranging from consumer-grade to professional-grade.

But, no matter how fancy these cams are, they would be useless as a security device if they are not secured, and this is why the question as to how security these cams are, always pop up. before you read on, I would love that you ask yourself ”are my IP cams really secure?”

Simple tricks to make your cams secure

There are a few steps you can actually follow in securing your IP cameras, and you should really consider taking one or two to practice, if not all

  • Update your camera’s Firmware: A user-upgradeable firmware is built in modern IP cameras, and this is so that if a loop hole is found, the IP camera security manufacturer will fix the issue by rolling out a software update.
  • Always keep your network local: This is what this means, never connect the network of your IP camera to the internet, else, it is visible to the whole world
  • You might also want to consider having passwords for your cameras: After the initial set up of your IP camera, you could ensure security by turning on authentication.
  • Turn on encryption for your IP CCTV: You should consider joining the WPA2-encrypted wireless network. This is to ward-off wireless eavesdroppers on your local network, preventing them from accessing your video feeds.

Going extra mile to secure your IP cameras will not be too much to do, security has to be ensured, and simple tricks and instructions could help you secure your security system.