Enjoy entertainment without sacrificing design. Seura television mirrors are designed to reflect your style, without distracting you. If the high-power TV is on, the impressive mirror will stop.

Technology through placement

Instant elegance While the small glass provides an ideal reflection, it ensures that the TV is completely damaged when it is turned off.


The exclusive design includes configuration options, screen size, mirror size, trimming, technology updates and more.

Ultra-high definition

4K UHD image clarity: four times the accuracy of a normal HD: incredibly sharp details lend themselves directly.

Beautiful mirror, which works on TV. Seura Entertainment TVs offer unsurpassed quality when added to your home décor.

Show design

Above all, the Seura Entertainment Glass, which shows the brightness and reflection of television, has a bright colour that illuminates the bright and vibrant television image. The Seura has funny disappearing television mirrors, offer a clear vision of television and remain an elegant mirror when you are out of the house.

Top view

Enjoy high definition image quality with only 4K of UHF Vanishing Entertainment TV mirrors in the market. I feel that you are part of the work, not just of observation. Sharpens the 4K Ultra HD image curve: four times the usual details of high definition, such as the world champion, which can make the skis flicker or the player’s tears explode.

The brightest mirror for television.

Seura Vanishing Entertainment Mirror TVs are produced with high-definition TVs and Mirror Mirrors designed specifically for a vivid image. The Seura compact rear-view mirror ensures excellent visibility on the television.

Easy installation

The fully equipped Seura products are fully integrated for quick and easy installation. All mounting brackets and accessories are included in each TV mirror. Special drawings and drawings for your complete product allow you to cook before entering the product. It is easy to understand that the team of technical experts and technicians of Seura in Wisconsin is ready to help.

Mirrors and innovative TV

If you do not plan to buy a new television, Seura is a US company that manufactures some innovative and serious products. Main products of Horizon TV Mirrors. There are two types: fun and vitality. These televisions have unique mirror covers that allow you to display a TV image on the screen when it is turned on and fades completely when the screen is turned off. Both televisions are available with more than 100 different framing options to suit any decoration and style.

Entertainment TV reflects “the first and second brightness of TV reflections similar to their websites”. This means that it gives you the best image of the crystal. These televisions are dedicated to the living room and the bedroom with 4K screens with an accuracy of 42 to 65 AU designed. (From 107 cm to 241 cm).

The disappearance of Vanity TV Mirror focuses more on reflection. In these televisions, the dimensions and dimensions of television screens that seem to float in the mirror range between 25 and 67 cm (10 and 27 inches). The size of the mirrors is 36 Macao (91 cm) and its width is 24 to 45 genes (61 cm to 114 cm).

A mirror with a mirror in the mirror is the ideal solution to keep a television in the living room. To achieve this effect, we use a German two-way mirror that transmits 95% of the HDTV.