Home lighting control systems use LED lights which emit less carbon and use less energy. They are therefore as good for the environment as they are for homeowners who want to save on energy cost. With wireless lighting control, you can take advantage of photo sensors, occupancy sensors, timers and scheduling to switch on and switch off lights automatically and minimise energy waste.

While most traditional buildings and lighting control systems are fully hard-wired, the newer systems use mesh networking that allows the central controller, switches, sensors and the lights to communicate efficiently with one another in the absence of wires. This offers more flexibility in regards to physical placement of sensors and switches and makes it easier and cheaper to add extra sensors to the network.

Advantages of Wireless Lighting Control System

  • Increased security-the use of 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AED) security boost the level of security offered by many wireless lighting technologies we have at comthe AES is so robust that the US Government gave a go-ahead for it to be used for the protection of classified information.
  • Scalability – wireless lighting technologies are ideal for multi-floor and multi-office installations since they support a wider range of gadgets ore a greater distance compared to wired ones. They are also easier to place in areas that are harder to access or where it’s more expensive to install wired lighting fixtures.
  • Convenience-wireless lighting control systems use mature technology with great reliability and robustness. Their installation is easy, and no training is required to learn how to operate them.


  • A bad set-up can make them challenging to use – Because wireless lighting control systems differ from the traditional switches many people are used to, a bad design and installation can cause challenges in its use. At comwe install fully customised systems with bespoke engravings that can match your needs and requirements.
  • Require regular maintenance- even well installed and fully integrated wireless lighting control systems will have greater lifespan with good maintenance.