Video conferencing is a technology that uses computer networks to receive and transmit video and audio data. Tools using this technology have become invaluable for facilitating virtual visual meetings between two or more participants located in different parts of the world, town, city or building.

Young Businessman Video Conferencing On Desk With Multiple Computers

How Does Video Conferencing Work?

Many business houses have come to us at to purchase or get advice on video conferencing. The mechanics behind this technology which is similar to that of a telephonic conference, except that it allows visual presentation, has gained popularity with businesses and organizations.

Every participant in video conferencing has a computer featuring a video camera, speakers, and a microphone. Communication is enabled by the voices and images being carried over the network to the different parties’ microphones and monitor.

Advantages of Videoconferencing

  1. Saves money and time – with a video conferencing tool, executives can transact any business and hold meetings face to face in their offices. This saves them on transport and accommodation costs that they would have incurred had they travel for the same purpose.
  2. Increased flexibility of information sharing – Video conferencing is not just used for face-to-face meetings. It can also be used in transmitting documents and files which make it possible to provide real-time information that gives immediate solutions to problems. The ability to evaluate, share and coordinate digital data from any location in the world allows people collaborate more effectively on time-sensitive projects and conduct simultaneous communication.
  • Support long-distance programs – video conferencing has been of enormous help in instructional courses and long-distance education programs. Students and professionals are able to talk one-to-one with instructors, attend lectures, group discussion, and access study materials.


  1. High quality dedicated video-conferencing systems can be expensive to purchase.
  2. The natural flow of conversation is impossible to achieve due to the time lag between speaking and receiving a response.
  • A powerful communication link is necessary when you want to send or receive high-quality images.