The advancement of technology has transformed almost every aspect of our daily life. This change is more visible in certain aspects of life than others, though no area is untouched by it. An example is how we live our lives in our homes. Modern home automation and home appliances have brought immense luxuries to every one of us which were only accessible to the elites and aristocrats a century or two ago. These technological advancements can completely transform the way we live our lives. Let us take a closer look at some of these advantages afforded by modern home automation.

Centralised and remote control of all the appliances

Sitting in your chair or bed and controlling all the things in your house required an army of servants or butlers, which is out of reach of most people. However, with the advent of technologies such as network-connected appliances and electrical actuators for windows and curtains, you have tremendous control over your house, thanks to modern electronics and mechanical actuators. This provides a great level of convenience since you do not have to physically access each appliance to control them. You can also make more effective use of your windows and keep your home well ventilated by making use of automated window openers.

Reduce your energy wastage and carbon footprint

The large wastage of energy and inefficient appliances used to be a major issue a few decades ago. However, with the increasing awareness of the importance of conservation and the need to cut down energy bills have driven many people to more energy conscious life. While added efficiency for each appliance has helped, the added control and the ability to immediately turn off any device as soon as it is not in use helps enormously as well. This is facilitated by various timers and sensors incorporated into a home automation system. Temperature sensors connected to HVAC systems can ensure that the temperature differential inside and outside your home is not too much, thus cutting down your heating and cooling bills even more. All these savings add up and amount to a significant reduction of carbon footprint.