Now that you are convinced that motorized drapery is what you need, you also need proper guidance in order to make the most out of them. Selecting the best drapes depending on your use can be difficult but here are all the steps you need in order to choose the best motorized drapes.

Motor Durability:

You need to go for a motor that won’t give up on you just when you are getting used to motorzied drapes which won’t take much time but even if the motor doesn’t go a long way, then complete warranty is what you should be looking for no matter what company you opt for. A good motor will go a long way but there could be any sort of mishap and to avoid further trouble you need full warranty to cover all the debacles.

Remote and App Options:

Motorized drapery are a convenience in themselves but you need to be careful to select a motor that will allow your smartphone to function it. Remotes have a tendency to hide away when you need them the most so your next best option is to go for your smartphone where you can easily download the app that will allow you to control your shades to the maximum.

Automated Sensors:

Many motorized drapes have an automated sensor where they either shut or open in accordance to the rays of the sun which saves your furniture’s durability from damage. So don’t forget to ask your seller about sensory motorized drapes.

Battery Operated or Switch Plug-in:

You get two options when selecting power source for your motorized drapes; battery operated or switch plug-in. You can also get both the options if you inquire your seller about it. Battery operated can be a good backup if you face power breakdown which might damage your motor so to avoid such instances, opt for a motor that can cater both the functions.

Soundless Motor:

Be aware of buying a motor that doesn’t make any sound because that could be a cause of annoyance and to be honest, the sound isn’t appealing to the ears.