The widespread proliferation of consumer electronics and networking technology has enabled the development of many home automation technologies. This consists of several devices that can take care of various tasks autonomously based on timers or sensor information. They are often controlled by a centralised computer often called as the smart home or home automation hub. This also enabled various ways in which elderly or senior care can be made much easier and effective. Let us take a look at how home automation technologies can help with senior home care.

Ease of use and convenience

Home automation technologies paired with devices such as motorised curtains and window openers can take care of many functions such as managing the amount of sunlight and natural ventilation without having to go to every window to manually open or close it. Sensor operated lights can turn on automatically when a person is present in the room, and turn of when the person leaves. This eliminates the necessity to remember to switch off lights or other devices such as fans. There are also devices such as robotic automatic vacuum cleaners which vacuum the floor periodically based on a schedule, so the elders living alone don’t have to worry about cleaning the home. Many new devices are also under development which can assist with regular medical care for the elderly. There are certain medicine containers which can detect if the person has forgotten to take their medications for the day and remind accordingly. There are also home diagnosis devices which can connect to the internet. Hence, the doctor can directly know a few basic health parameters about the patient without the necessity of a doctor’s visit.

Security and peace of mind

Smart home devices also consist of WiFi connected security cameras. These devices can help alleviate any security concerns for seniors. They are quite easy to install, requiring just power connection and a home WiFi network. Cameras can also be installed inside the home for relatives to have peace of mind regarding if there are any health problems for their elders. Several cameras can also be used for video calling, thus helping alleviate any feelings of loneliness.