When planning or renovating a home, often quite an important choice for many people is the choice of the windows, blinds and shades. This can affect a lot of different aspects of your house. So let us take a look at some important aspects to take into consideration when making these decisions.

Important deciding factors

One important deciding factor is, of course, the design. You would want to choose window treatments, shades and blinds to have colours to suit your décor. While some traditional choices such as transparent windows and white blinds work in most cases, you may want to get more creative and use those elements to make your overall aesthetic of the home a bit more interesting. You can get coloured treatments and beautifully designed drapes.

The other important factor is quite functional. It is to control the amount of light getting in and the energy lost or gained from the windows. The light control aspect also concerns privacy. Clear windows will allow maximum light, while you can go with translucent glass to get the light but have a good amount of privacy. Maximum light is essential for northern regions, but for the southern regions, where sunlight is quite strong, you may be interested in getting treatments that block a significant amount of light. You can go with thicker and darker drapes and blinds. The more sunlight that gets in, the more solar energy enters into your house. If you have to spend more on heating, you can try to maximise the amount of solar energy that gets inside, while double glazed glass will help to keep the heat in.

Take your efficiency to next level with home automation

You can also combine these choices with devices such as motorised curtains, blinds and window openers. These devices can be connected to a home automation system. This allows you to dynamically control the amount of energy entering and leaving your home from your environment. This will allow you to, for example, automatically open the windows, blinds and curtains during the afternoon and close them in the evening to save on your heating bills.