Security video surveillance systems can cost thousands of dollars, and the cost can be on-going depending on the level of security you desire. Not every home security store will offer you free installation, some will only subsidize the cost of your installation.

Free Installation of Home Video Surveillance System

There are basically two options for having free installation of your surveillance system; carry out a DIY installation and sign up for a solo monitoring package, or buy your home security system from a store that gives a contract with free installation.

As a homeowner you may not be in apposition to set up an advanced system, and if you are it may be less accurate. Manufacturers of advanced security video surveillance systems recommend installation by professionals.

Is Low Cost Installation Same As Free Installation?

Video surveillance systems that advertise low-cost installation are not as free as “free installation services. With low-cost installation, the vendor of the system pays external installers to do the work.

With completely free packages, the home security store has in-house installers who will offer the service completely free. These packages are ideal for homes that want to save money on their security installation.

Free installation of security systems can be offered regardless of the technology or monitoring services you seek. It’s important that you know that free installation also comes with its cost – the cost is in signing up for a contract.

Bottom Line

Some security stores will give a contract of a low number like one year while there are others whose contract can last up to five years. It’s necessary for you to ask the right questions when you’re offered free video surveillance systems installation instead of making your own assumptions.