Home automation is something that has become quite popular among all sections of the society. Earlier only the rich section had the resources to afford such systems but in the past few years, the prices have come down by a large factor and hence even middle class people can afford such systems. Also the technology has advanced by a large margin and hence such systems have become very user friendly and efficient. Hence you would get full value for your money if you buy an automation system for your house. The most popular automation system is the security system. This system is used not only in houses, but also in all the different kinds of buildings.

The network of CCTV cameras:

This network is the most important part when it comes to a surveillance system. In fact, one can say that these cameras are the eyes of the system. Earlier in the case of a building, several security personnel had to be employed in order to patrol all the regions. But now thanks to these cameras, a single person would be able to monitor the entire building with ease. Also the system would record the footage and this footage would be stored for several days, so that the authorities can check the footage if something goes wrong.

Select the most modern system:

Modern systems make sure that the security status of the house is sent to the residents at all times via the internet. So if the residents are connected to the internet, they would be able to know whether the house is safe or not. Also the when an intruder enters the house, the system would alert the neighbours.