In today’s world, the CCTV monitors connected to the CCTV surveillance video cameras help prevent and combat both local and international violence and acts of terrorism. For example, in the July 7th London bombings, CCTV video footage is being used to identify some of the criminals and terrorists that were behind the bombing.

Today, the CCTV security surveillance systems are used in public places such as streets, public buildings, parking lots and retail stores to help reduce crimes since criminals now know that everything they do will be caught on the CCTV security surveillance systems. People therefore feel safer today more than they did years back. The CCTV footages have also helped a number of law enforcement professionals solve crimes by giving them leads to follow while conducting investigations that lead to fruitful crime resolutions. Therefore, CCTV security surveillance systems are very important for your residential home and even business.

Components of a CCTV security surveillance system

Parts or the components of a CCTV security and surveillance systems consists of security video cameras, security DVR, CCTV cables, BNC connectors, and CCTV power supply. When choosing the security cameras, take into account what kind of area and space you need monitored round the clock. There are different options of cameras to choose. They have different resolution power, lens types and mounting style. Know what you need the security camera for before making your purchase.

The security DVR is the component that stores and manages the surveillance video that’s recorded by the security cameras. The security cameras have to be connected to the security DVR by the CCTV cable. The BNC connectors are terminals at the end of the security cables, used to connect the cables to the DVR and CCTV security cameras.

The monitors are also very essential part of any CCTV security surveillance systems because it’s where all the actions recorded by the security video cameras are displayed for viewing. There are also many options you could choose from just make sure that you know the one to buy by doing a little online research first, before making any purchase.

What kind of crimes do CCTV security surveillance systems solve?

CCTV security surveillance systems only solve crimes such as burglary, malicious property damaging or property theft, and robberies. Most public places such as streets, parking lots, banking halls and even retail stores have CCTV security surveillance systems that drastically reduce crimes in those areas since the criminals will shy away from committing crimes in those areas knowing very well that their whole actions are being recorded.

Other crimes such as rape or aggregated assault may not be solved by CCTV security surveillance systems because they may happen in lonely and deserted places that have no CCTV security surveillance systems installed to record such crimes.