Home automation is transforming your home or living space into a smart home by the use of modern smart technology that lets you control all aspects of your home, such  as, security, lighting, irrigation and entertainment systems, just to mention but a few aspects you could control using home automation tech. With home automation, you don’t have to be physically present inside your home just to control the lighting, security or entertainment systems since you can control all those home aspects with a mobile device or remote controller.

How does Home Automation work?

For you to have a well functioning automated home system, you will require home automation deices that control home aspects such as security and entertainment systems; a network through which the home automation devices communicate amongst themselves and their controller, so as to work; and a controller such as a smart phone, a tablet or a computer, which is sometimes referred to as smart hub that acts as the central controller of your home automation system.

Once you have set up those devices up and linked them up, together with their central controller via a network, you can control your home from anywhere around the world.

What are some of the home automation devices you could install?

You may install lighting controllers that help you control the lighting system in your smart home. Some of the lighting controls are motion detectors and occupancy detectors that switch on the lights of occupied rooms in your automated home. You may also install vacancy detectors that switch off the lights to the rooms that have been vacated.

To control your home temperature or climate, you may install a thermostat that’s controlled by a smart hub via a network such as Wi-Fi or any other local area network. You will then be able to set your home temperatures to the levels you deem favorable to you and your family.

You may also control security aspect of your home using devices such as security sensors that detects infiltrations, security access controls, driveway alerts and video surveillance systems. Before considering a particular device, make sure that it’s compatible with your smart hub so that you may control your home, even when you are far away from it.