What is an automation system?

An office automation system comprises of work stations which are inter connected via a network, it makes use of the functionality of one another by sub- contracting tasks. It provides the incorporation of documents of all types by integrating images into the system. Office automation has been stipulated by the desire to increase productivity and by technological advances. Development of a system that automates requires additional facilities beyond electronic mail and word processors. An example of automation system could be facility management software that manages and automates various operations related to the work place.

Office automation system and tips for a start-up.

Office automation system can be useful for a start-up. Some of the methods that can enhance a company’s growth include:

Data storage and manipulation– when documents are stored safely in digital format, they will be easy to edit and send data in different formats. With the right applications like word processing software and desktop presentations, packages, it creates and facilitates the creation and data manipulation.

Data management– OAS helps the organisation to monitor different activities and projects within the office through electronic data management system. Projects can be easily delegated and monitored.

Data exchange– OAS enables the exchange of all types of data with colleagues within or outside the organisation. This can be done through e-mails and skype through a network connection.

Inventory management– OAS lets you track inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.it provides a tool to organise inventory data digitally.

Office efficiency management– lets you take care of your office as a whole. Installing complete suite facility management applications ensures full efficiency and productivity of office space and employees.