When it comes to all new homes, systems of home automation have become quite common. A few years back, only the richer sections of the society were able to afford these systems. But these days, the cost of these systems have come down by a large factor. Also the durability of these systems have increased by quite a large way. The credit for both these changes go to the growth of science and technology. And when it comes to the different automation systems, the automation lighting controls and the automated air conditioning systems are the two most commonly installed ones.

Make your home energy efficient

Automated lighting controls means that the lights would be automatically switched OFF when they are not required. Also the residents of the house would be able to control the various lights no matter where they are. There would be a centralized control centre and also the users would be able to access the light controls from their smart phones. If there is a security system in place, then the lighting controls can work with them. When an intruder enters, the security system would be able to switch all the outdoor light ON in order to create a sense of alert.

Control your AC even no matter where you are

Since the air conditioners can be working even when you are not at home with the help of these automation systems, you would be able to make your house cool or heated even before you reach your house. Also if you forget to switch the AC off when you go out, then the system would make sure that no energy is wasted by switching it OFF.