Home automation systems have become very advanced, and hence they are extremely efficient and also reasonably priced. The automation systems have their own data processing units and these days; these processors are exceptionally capable of handling a lot of data. Hence the number of functions that a single home automation system can perform is many. Also the systems available are very simple to use, one can control every function from a single location. Once configured, the system will perform the functions automatically. There are companies like HDHtech that install custom made automation systems

The most popular automation system is the one that controls the lightings in the house. Some key benefits of installing such an automated lighting system are:

The system can turn off the lights for you when you fall asleep:

The automated system can be used to set a time at which the lights would automatically go off. So if you are reading your book in your bed, you can set the timer and the lights would go off after the prescribed time. Also the lights can be turned off remotely and this also enables you to switch the lights from your bed without having to walk to the switch.

The brightness can be controlled:

If the lights used are LEDs then the automated lighting system can control the brightness of the lights. There are systems that have light sensors. These systems will know when to the increase the brightness and when to dim them.


The security system can be connected to the lighting system and when a security breach takes place the system would automatically turn on the lights on the outside of the house. This will certainly cause the intruders to drop their plan and escape.

Energy savings:

Since there is absolutely no chance of the lights remaining switched on accidently, no energy wastages are made whatsoever. These days, there are systems which can sense the presence of a person in a room and then turn the lights on. If the person leaves, the lights are turned off.