Earlier one of the largest problems with controlling crimes was that surveillance was not at all efficient. Even though there were cameras in certain areas, the problem was that the quality in which these recorded was very low. Also the storage facilities available to store the footage for future use were also not sufficient. There were no provisions for checking the footage in remotely at any location. Also another disadvantage of the systems used earlier was that they were very expensive. This is not the case with the modern CCTV cameras, they are available at reasonable rates. there are numerous online stores that offer CCTV systems, for example HDHtech.com

These are few things that make the modern CCTV camera networks more efficient when compared to the systems which were used earlier. They are:

The sharp recording:

When it comes to the quality of the footage recorded, the modern CCTV is exceptional. There are different types of cameras which are capable of recording at different qualities but when comparing with the older systems, the CCTV footage is of high quality. One advantage is that if a crime occurs, the authorities can clearly identify the face of the culprit and the footage can be used as evidence against him or her in the court of law.

The footage can be viewed remotely:

In the case of CCTV networks, the storage system is connected to the internet. And hence the authorities can view the footage from any location with the help of a computer or even a smart phone. This is very useful as an officer will be able to access the footage while he or she is at the crime scene.

Any upgrade can be made easily:

Any system will be upgraded and the network will be made bigger in the course of time. In the case of a CCTV network, new cameras can be added without any problems. In  fact the installation process is extremely easy, you just need to plug in the new cameras in the system and its done.