These days, almost every house is equipped with at least home automation system. The reason for this is that, with the  advancements in the field of technology and processing power of computers, these home automation systems have become extremely cheap and also very easy to use. Also there are numerous sites like which offers installation of these home automation systems at reasonable rates. All the home automation systems are equipped with processing units. These days these processing units are extremely powerful and hence there is no lag during the control processes.

The development of wireless technology:

When it comes to controlling equipment in the house, it is critical that you should be able to send the control signal from where you are, without having to go to a controller. This is achieved by wireless technology. These days the technology of ‘internet of things’ can be used to tether various home appliances on to the internet via WIFI. Once this is done, you can control them by issuing commands from your mobile phone or computer which is also connected to the internet. Also these equipment can be connected together to form a network using WIFI. This is more secure as there is no connection to the internet.

Voice recognition:

This is perhaps the peak of home automation technology. The system would only take command from authorised personal and this is possible because these systems are equipped with voice recognition technology. Earlier this technology was not at all perfect but now it is capable of responding only to those who are authorised.


These home automation systems are extremely simple to use since all these systems use a centralised system. Hence all the control can be exercised from a single controller. Also the installation part is fairly simple. These days, wireless modules are used to control the equipment according to the signals that it receives. Also there are various different organisations that sell and install these systems are fairly reasonable rates.