Home automation is a field that is developing very quickly. These days, people are very critical about their house and hence they are willing to spend money in order to install more features in their house. And hence the number of houses that has home automation systems installed in them are quite large. The increased popularity is due to the fact that these home automation systems have become far more cheaper when compared to a few years back. The most common home automation systems are security system, lighting system, air conditioning system.

What makes automatic security system effective?

When it comes to the automatic security system, the most important features include the ability to notify the resident of the house when a security breach occurs even when the residents are not at home. This is possible because of the fact that the automated system is connected to the internet and hence can send notifications to a smart phone which has internet connections.

Also the security system will be able to work with the lighting system and hence if a breach occurs, the lights in the exterior of the house would be turned ON and hence the neighbours would be alerted.

CCTV cameras:

When it comes to monitoring the premises of a building, the most effective method is to install a network of CCTV cameras. The advantage of CCTV cameras is that the footage can would be recorded for 24 hours a day. Also if a person has the authorisation, then he would be able to access the footage remotely. These days, the security systems use sensors in order to detect motion and hence the cameras would be pointed to that particular location.