Home automation is the use of controlled technology and automated systems to reduce the need for a human being to direct and manage products. It is possible for even a technologically outdated person to catch on and easily use automation products for their good. Alarm clocks, coffee machines and remote are some basic examples. Home automation systems are a step further and have more capabilities as they can be integrated into ne network. The individual smart devices come together to for one big system that works. Companies like hdhtech.com help people with home automation systems in building or home remodeling projects. A variety of events can be run from a home automation software because of the complex and detailed connections.

Triggered events

These events are controlled by specific events occurring. A tripped sensor, pushed button, door opening and motion detection are some events that can trigger an automation system. A combination of these triggers can be used when customizing a home automation system. Every home and homeowner is different and so their needs differ. For security, irrigation, pool/spa, blinds, lights, entertainment, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, different settings can be made for triggered events. You can control these settings remotely or link it up to a mobile device and control it even when you re not in the house.

Timed events

Many home automation systems run on a clock and according to the geographic location of the home, daytime and nighttime settings kick into action right on schedule. The clock is usually synchronized with the internet so it is accurate and never lagging behind. An example is exterior security lights coming on 20 minutes before dark and shades rising just before sunrise