The number of features that are being installed in a house is increasing very quickly. And one such field where the improvements have been drastic is the automated lighting systems. Earlier the lights had to be switched On and Off manually but now things are done automatically with the help of a smart system. Various pieces of technology like sensors are used to determine when to switch the lights on and off. there are numerous advantages that these systems bring along and some are:

The energy bill would come down:

This is probably the most important advantage. Since the lights are only switched on when necessary, there is no doubt that the energy usage would be reduced by a fair margin. There is great improvement when it comes to how long the lights would last. Since the working hours are reduced, the life of the light bulbs is extended.

The ability to work in different modes:

All the bulbs used in these automated systems are LED bulbs, and hence the brightness level of these bulbs can be controlled. This allows the user to decide not only when to switch the bulbs on and off, but also the level of brightness at which the bulbs should glow. These days bulbs which can glow in different colours are also available in the market.

You can sleep well:

You can program when the lights should be switched off and hence you need not get up from the bed in order to switch off the lights. There are methods that tell the system that the user is asleep. This is very useful when you read a book and then suddenly fall asleep.

Security features:

The whole lighting system can be combined with the lighting system so that when a security breach takes place, the system can light up all the lights around the house in order to alert the neighbours.