These days almost everything in a house is automated and this ranges from the lighting system to the entertainment system in the house. The fact is that everything has become more easy to use and energy efficient with the help of automation. Some of the common automated systems in a house are:

 The entertainment system:

These almost every single home theatre system and television have WIFI connectivity and this means that they can be connected to the internet and can be controlled by another device that is also connected to the same network. Earlier the controlling was done with the help of universal remotes but these remotes have been replaced completely. Also you will be able to play your favourite music from your mobile phones or laptop through the entertainment without any connections. Various other forms of controlling like voice activated devices are also available and these make the system even more sophisticated and easy to use.

The lighting system:

The most important advantage of the automated lighting system is that there will be significant reduction in the usage of energy. This is because the system will automatically switch off the lights when they are not required and hence will reduce the energy usage. Various forms of technology are used to achieve this for example proximity sensors and infrared sensors are used to detect when a person enters and leaves the room so the lights can be turned ON and OFF accordingly. Apart from the lighting various other equipment like the air conditioners can also be controlled automatically.

The security system:

In the case of automated security systems, multiple layers of security are possible. Also you will be provided with instant notification if something happens to your house while you are away via your mobile phones. Also if a high level security breach occurs, then a sudden distress message can be send to the police department immediately.