Home automation

Home automation is the process of integrating various electronics and appliances in the home into one common system that can be controlled and integrated remotely to suit the specific individual needs of the family. All the appliances and systems can be integrated through a home network.  The control will lie at a “central hub” which may be a wall-mounted control system, a computer, a tab or a mobile application. The total system can be controlled on-site or remotely.

Applications of home automation for a family

Businessman connecting digital blue house and keys

A home automation system can be used to control systems in the home such as lighting, temperature, appliances, security systems and home entertainment systems.


Complex systems such as security surveillance and alarm systems can also be integrated into the home automation system. This way these systems can be accessed when the family is away from home.

Energy management

A centrally controlled lighting system with motion-sensing technology can be incorporated in the house to ensure a better energy management system thereby reducing energy bills. Appliances can be integrated with an energy management system to monitor energy usage and make any changes accordingly.

Central Control

All devices integrated into one system with one single point of control will make life easier for the family. Remote access is also a major benefit of a home automation system.

Hdhtech & Home Automation

Hdhtech is a key player in home automation systems in the present market. Catching on the trend of home automation, Hdhtech has many products and services to integrate into home automation systems. Hdhtech specialises in lighting and shading automation products suiting various budget and personalisation requirements.