Surveillance is perhaps the most important thing that should be considered when it comes to the smooth running of an office or a company. This is especially true when it comes to an office where various secretive data are stored. So the entry of an unauthorised person should be avoided at all costs. And if one enters, the security personnel should be alerted quickly so that they can take the appropriate actions. Hence the incorporation of CCTV cameras is quite important and effective.

Continuous recording

CCTV cameras would be able to record the things that happen in every nook and corner of the building. So the security personnel would be able to look at all the places at the same time. The whole security can be handled by a couple of men at the control centre. All the camera feeds would be taken to this centre for close monitoring. Also the feeds would be recorded and this would allow the authorities to check for things that have already happened if something unfavourable occurs.

Cost effective

There would be an initial cost when it comes to installing the CCTV cameras. But this cost would be returned within a few years of use. This is because, in the absence of CCTV cameras, there would be requirement for larger number of security personnel to patrol the premises. But with CCTV cameras monitoring every corner of the building, the need for people has reduced.

Work with other security systems:

CCTV camera feeds can also work with other security systems like motion sensors, remote controlled door locks etc. So if something wrong is identified by the person in charge from the CCTV feeds, he or she would be able to initiate a complete lockdown.