Home automation has come a long way as far as durability and the need for maintenance are concerned. in other words, these systems are much more durable and maintenance free these days. The advancements in the fields of science and technology are the two things that achieved these changes. Also the price of these systems have come drastically. Now even the middle class would be able to purchases one such automation system for their house. And when it comes to the most common automation systems, the automated lighting controls and the automated air conditioning are right up there.

Automated lighting helps to save electricity

The most important advantage with automatic lighting control is that they would reduce the electricity bills by a fair margin. This is achieved by switching the lights OFF when they are not required. There would be a network of sensors, relays and a central controlling unit which would work together in order to achieve the automatic control the of the entire system. Also since this system saves energy, one can say that it is capable of making the house an environment friendly one.

Automated air conditioning

The air conditioners can also be connected to the automation system. This would let the residents control the temperature in the house quite easily and remotely. If the automation system is connected on to the internet then the residents would be able to control the air conditioners even when they are not home with the help of their smart phones. Also the air conditioners would be able to understand when there is no one in the house and would be able to shut down on its own.