Even the best technology comes with its own pros and cons- the advantages and disadvantages. Wireless Lighting Control offers several plausible benefits to its consumers but also presents some technical disadvantages if not installed nor maintained well.

Here are the top pros and cons of the Wireless Lighting Control:


  • Lighting control systems in homes and offices already use LED lights which are cost-effective and eco-friendly. However, the older lighting control systems are fully hard-wired. This means that wires were used and they were connected by permanent electrical connections. This therefore inhibits light transfers and repositioning- which can cause a bit of an headache during home restoration. With Wireless Lighting Control, the use of wires is totally eliminated. The mode of communication of the whole system is through sensors, lights, and a central control unit. This allows easy installment, addition, and removal of lighting units within the system.
  • Without the messy wires and with an excellent wireless lighting control system installed in your homes and offices, you can strategically position your lights in order to save more energy and cost. The scalability range of your wireless lighting control system greatly depends on its quality and its installation. Still, wireless lighting control system can support a greater range of distance when compared to the wired ones.
  • You can program your wireless lighting control system for any on and off schedules or adjust its brightness and dimness at a specific time of the day. This can also help save electric cost and energy.


  • The thing about superior technology like wireless lighting control system is that it needs to function at a superior quality at all time. For this, a constant check-up and maintenance is needed for it to always perform at its best. Maintenance can also greatly affect the longevity of the system.
  • Like all automated and wireless office and home systems, installation and set-up always matters. Poor installation can make the central unit, sensors and lights go erratic and confused. HDH Tech (com) offers the best wireless lighting control system installation.