The practice of tutoring is quite old. The students used to visit the tutor’s house or the tutor used to visit the student’s. Sometimes because of traffic or bad weather, both tutors and students have to suffer. But companies like HDH Tech have played a major role in overcoming all such obstacles.

The Online World of Tutoring

With the advancement of technology and the internet, a lot of online tutoring businesses have evolved but most of them failed to gain success. This is because, in these online tutoring companies, the teacher and the students can’t interact face to face. As a solution to this, various tutoring companies have come up with a new desktop video conferencing technology which helps the teacher and student interact with each other in live sessions. For this, they require only a computer device, a webcam, and an internet connection.

Features of Desktop Video Conferencing Technology

These desktop video conferencing apps have a built-in whiteboard where the teacher, as well as the student, is able to write English sentences or math formulas while learning. The students can scan the homework assignments and upload it to be downloaded by the teacher. This way both can go through the study materials. The desktop video conferencing also has record and playback features which help the students and teachers to record the tutoring sessions.

Desktop video conferencing technology can also be utilized in the classrooms where the videos can be broadcasted to students (up to 15 students) on their individual screen. Moreover, students and teachers can align VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology with the desktop video conferencing to experience a richer voice. However, the teacher and student will require speakers and a microphone.