We live in a Technologically Advanced society and as such that comes with certain perks. Gone are the dayside faulty light switches, tiresome trips to open or close the shades, those dreadful walks in the cold to turn up the thermostat in the middle of the night.

Thanks to hdhtech.com the power is now literally in the palm of our hands.

Isn’t It Time To Get In Control?

1. Entire Home Audio System

The need for tiresome multiple remote controls are a thing of the past. Lost remote controls, flat batteries or maybe even our beloved Rover slobbering over one and chewing it into oblivion doesn’t matter anymore. Need to quickly turn down the music to take an important call, no need to be alarmed, everything you need is already right in your hand.

2. Lighting Control

Too tired to get off the couch to switch the lights off for TV Time? Left the house in a rush for a Weekend away and forgot to switch off the lights? Admittedly this would have been a terrible inconvenience, but not now. All of this can be sorted out by simply utilizing the corresponding Application on your Smartphone

3. Temperature Control

How we dread those cold winter nights and mornings. What we dread even more is the monumental cost involved in leaving the Thermostat turned up the entire night. Simple solution: Automated temperature controls can be easily set to switch off and on at convenient times while curbing unnecessary electrical costs

4. Motorized Shade & Drapery

We enjoy privacy. Sometimes a moment calls when drapes need to hurriedly be closed but are unable to remove yourself from the ongoing activities. A mere setting on your Smartphone Application will have that sorted out in a Second.

5. Security And Surveillance

Ok so with a show of hands, who here does not care in any way about their safety and security? Interesting…No Hands. Being able to remotely monitor the security status of your home and switch on the alarm system just adds to the value of A Complete Home Automation System

6. Vanishing TV Mirrors

For the style conscious, this is a great addition to a Home Automation System. Elegantly designed this Mirror is a hidden TV that is customizable to suit your individual taste.

7. Simple, Functional, Practical

Less fuss over the simple things that usually becomes an annoyance. Simplistic Living results in a peaceful state.

8. Fully Customizable

We don’t live in a “one size fits all world” and neither should your personal requirements. Each system will be tailor made to suit your unique needs.

9. Individual Timer For Each Relevant Component

You can synchronize your morning Alarm, with your home stereo system, your shades opening, your security system switching off and your preferred Thermostat settings all before even waking up to your alarm.

Complete Home Automation

This is powerful living. This is taking back control. This is what hdhtech.com offers you.