Technology gets better and better with each day. Even through it’s still advancing with each passing day, technology has enabled wireless collaboration between entrepreneurs and participants in offices, in real time. With the right office set up, you could uncover a lot of potentialities that your office could possibly have. What are some of the devices which you could use for wireless office collaboration?

  • VIA Campus Plus

There could be a need for documents sharing during business meetings in offices. With VIA campus plus, participants in a meeting could share documents with a lot of ease. This device makes it very possible for work to be done on documents during meetings. When the participants have a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or a smartphone, they might view, edit or even comment of the shared documents in real time. They could also record their sessions using this VIA campus plus device. They can also stream uninterrupted high quality videos of up to 1080p from their mobile devices.

The VIA Campus Plus could also be used for video conferencing. With this device, you could view up to 6 other users on your screen. And with two displays, you could view up to 12 other users. This device has features such as iOS mirroring and native mirroring for MacBook, iPads, iPhones, Chromebook and Android Lollipop 5.0 or newer, respectively. This system also supports other third party apps such as Microsoft Office, Skype and Lync. With a proper setting, it could handle any size of collaborative meeting.

  • VIA Connect Plus

When you to hold a wireless presentation and a collaborative meeting in an office setting without any additional hardware, you could use the VIA Connect Plus. This is a cost-effective device that includes the benefits of other wireless collaborative devices such as the VIA Connect PRO and the HDMI inputs. When you have a mobile device such as a smartphone or a laptop, you could view the uninterrupted high quality video that’s displayed on the screen of your mobile device. You could annotate, edit or even sketch out ideas on the shared document, on the main screen through your mobile device.