You can regulate your rooms’ temperature using air conditioner or the HVAC system. The HVAC system does a better job that the air conditioner since it lets you set your preferred temperature. Also, the HVAC system also lets you control your home temperature from a central control system.

How does HVAC system work?

HVAC system includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning in one system. This makes it perform better that the air conditioner alone. So, how does it work?

The HVAC system has three main components that help it to function: the sensors which collects information such as your room temperature; the controller, which is the device that controls the devices that regulates your room temperature; and the controlled devices which often controls your temperature.

In a HVAC system, high tech sensors which use a passive infrared may be used to automatically determine the temperature that is favorable to room occupants depending on their own body temperatures. The sensor detects change in the environment or room space temperatures and transfers the data collected to the controller. The controller then decides whether the temperature is high, low or equal to the level that you had set according to your ‘setpoint’ temperature.

When the controller finds out that the room temperature is different from your setpoint temperature, it will tell the controlled devices to swing to action. The controlled devices, such as a smart fan or heater will then work to achieve the temperature you had set.

How can you control your temperature smartly?

The main smart controller that is used to control room temperature is a thermostat. Thermostats can be controlled even remotely from work place provided that your smart hub is connected to the same network as the thermostat. Also, you could set your preferred temperature on the thermostat by selecting your preferred temperature on the touch panel. With technology, a lot is possible. Control your temperature with a lot of convenience and style through home automation smart device.