Living in a smart home with and automated home audio system is a very good experience that you can afford. With proper installation of high quality automated audio system, you could control your home theatre from just about any place with no problem. For you to automate your home audio system through smart solutions, you could install the following devices and appliances in your home:

  • In-Ceiling Speakers

The in-ceiling speakers provide you with almost invisible sound system for your home audio system, without compromising the quality sound of your home theatre. When buying the in-ceiling speakers, consider buying those that are moisture resistant so that you could install them in your sauna or other rooms that may contain high moisture levels.

With their dynamic subwoofer system and tweeter, in-ceiling speakers will fill your entire room with warm sounds that will transform your living space into a high quality club-like sound system.

  • In-Wall Speakers

You could also transform your home audio system into a sophisticated one using the in-wall speakers. One of the speakers which you could choose is the Polk Audio RC85i speaker which has a 1 inch dynamic balanced tweeter and an 8 inch woofer for quality sound production. The speaker also has a swivel mount that could be used to direct the speaker into a specific direction, for a desired sound result. This speakers, which are also moisture resistant, could be installed outdoor or indoor in rooms such as bathrooms and sauna since moisture does very little damage to them.

  • Multi-Zone Audio system

You could also control your home audio system using this device, which could control a separate system that’s different from the system you’re listening to. For example, one user could watch a Blu-ray DVD in the main room as another user listens to a CD player in another room, at the same time. Both the Blu-ray DVD and the CD player could be controlled separately via an on-board remote controller when you are using this device.