You could help prevent occurrence of crimes such as hit and run or burglary in your neighborhood by installing high quality security and surveillance system that will record any crime taking place nearby. When you are making a purchase for community security and surveillance system, you could consult a company that deals in security and surveillance cameras installation. So, what are the components of a good and well-functioning community security and surveillance system?

  • The Video Cameras

For a large community, one surveillance video camera isn’t enough. But 20 surveillance video cameras could be enough for the entire neighborhood. When your community is very large, you might need even more cameras. When installing the surveillance video cameras, it’s best to install those with features such as night vision, wireless and have a high resolution and high definition for quality motion recording. You could also choose those with high quality lens and wide field of view to monitor a wider area.

  • DVR

Digital Video Recorder is also a very essential component of a well-functioning surveillance system. Depending on your requirements you could buy those that have large storage space for more video files to be stored in them. When the surveillance video cameras have been integrated with motion sensors that that they record motions only when they’re triggered, you could need a DVR with less space since the size of the video file which will be stored in them will be reduced. But, when your video cameras record motions 24/7, you will definitely need a DVR with very large storage space.

  • Monitors

Monitors are the displays on which the recordings by the surveillance video cameras are viewed. There are a lot of options that you could choose from when buying monitors for your security and surveillance system. When purchasing monitors for your security system, choose the one with a higher screen resolution for a better pictures and videos display. One large monitor could be configured to display up to 4 different video footage by 4 different cameras. When your community has installed, say 20 surveillance video cameras, you will definitely need more monitors which could be up to 5 monitors.

  • Coaxial Cables

These are cables which you will need to connect your analogue security cameras to the DVR. They basically transmit the video footage from the security cameras to the monitors and the DVR. When you have wireless cameras, you might not need these cables.