In this present time, video teleconferencing is common, among businesses and corporations. It empowers them to be able to reach out to their corporate offices in other parts of the globe. It gave them the capability to conduct meeting, discussions and presentations, with their counterparts abroad. This was made possible, because of the fast advancement or development of our technology.

Gone are the days, where executives need to travel to foreign country to conduct meeting with their subordinates. Gone are the days, when business executives, will travel abroad to present to their prospects. With the introduction of video teleconferencing, business is made easy.

Video Teleconference. It can be simply define, as simultaneous gathering of certain individuals, from different locations and bringing them together for a purpose such as: sharing ideas and information, presentation or a casual meeting. This eliminates traveling, which is a financial burden to other companies.

Here are the basics of video teleconferencing:
• Camera. In this set-up, companies needs the more sophisticated camera, with high definition features, remote control pan and tilting and zooming capabilities. In addition to that, specialized cameras, that will preserve clarity on documents upon presentation is also needed. Most preferred are those high definition cameras.
• Video Display/ Monitor. Most common being used in teleconference are, a.) LCD or HD Plasma Display, b.) LCD Projector and c.) PC type display. Most video conference used several display options, according to the requirements. Most often, they used high definition, for a large viewing area than the standard disply.
• Codec Unit. Considered the heart of the conference system, codec (Coder-Decoder) takes out the video and audio and compress it and then transmit it, to the receiving end and decompress it, for viewing. This maintain clarity on the audio and video.
• Microphone/Audio Devices. This is essential to every video conference system, but, the type of audio device matters, depending on the size of the participants. The larger the conference, the more complex device they will used.
• Lighting. Correct or appropriate lighting is also essential for a successful video teleconference. Poor lighting will result in shadows and poor clarity of document images.
Video Teleconferencing is a trend among every businesses, because it eliminates unnecessary Expenses for the company.