Automation is a field that is developing in leaps and bounds. And hence these days, almost every section in a house is automated. The most important thing when it comes to selecting an automated system for your house is that the controls should be fairly simple. If the process of operating the system is very complex, then there is a chance that the system would need a lot of maintenance. For example, all the systems should be centrally controllable so that you can easily control all the features easily. One such automated system is the lighting. The truth almost every new house that is built will be equipped with an automated lighting system. what are factors that make an automated lighting system very effective?

Cost efficiency:

One of the most important advantages is the cost-effectiveness. Since the bulbs used are LED lamps, the energy usage is minimum. The sensors would sense the presence of people and would turn on the lights only when absolutely necessary. Hence the life of the lamps would be better and also the energy consumption would be very low.

You can sleep without interruption:

If you want to read a book at night and fall asleep without turning the lights off, the sensors would sense that you are asleep and then the lights would turn off automatically. Hence you will not have to get up from your bed and then turn off the lights manually.

Walk in and the light glows:

The sensors will be located at the doors and whenever a person walks in to the room or the bathroom, the lights would glow. Also when the person walks out, the light would turn off. Also the lights can be controlled from your mobile phones and hence you can turn the lights on even if you are out.

The brightness:

Since the lights used are LED lamps, the brightness can be controlled. So different modes can be set as the mood of the situation changes.