When it comes to home automation systems, the most popular are the ones that are used for ensuring the security of the house. Earlier simple alarm systems were in use and these systems were able to sound an alarm when the security is breached, but had a lot of problems in its working. Home automation systems aim at making everything simple. It has a processor that takes all the data from the sensors and then decides what exactly to do. When it comes to home automation systems, the HDHtech.com is a very reliable seller.

Have different levels of security:

If the security system is connected to the home automation system then there can be different levels of security. Earlier the only question was whether a culprit has entered the area or the house. There was just a single type of security breach. Now with automated system, the residents need not worry about the security. If the culprit has managed to enter the house or the compound despite the alarms and warnings, then the system can by itself send a distress signal to the nearby police authorities. So if each house in a neighbourhood has these features then the whole place would become crime free.

Safety even you are away:

There are chances that the house would be broken into when you are away, but if there is automated security system in place then you along with the police authorities will be notified when a break in happens. Also if you have asked someone to take care of your house, when you are away, then you can also ensure that they are doing their job even if you are not home.

Use a network of CCTV cameras:

If the culprit manages to break in despite all the security measures that have been taken, then the CCTV cameras will be able to record the faces of the burglars. The police will be able to identify the criminals and also the footage will be evidence against the culprits in court.